New Range of Emma Shipley Wilderie and Animalia Fabric Cushions

Our workrooms have been busy making up a new batch of cushions. Using the Fabrics from the Emma Shipley Animalia and Wilderie ranges. All available to view in our Surbiton show room or buy online via The Bed Post online store. Many more designs on their way…….

New Range of cushions using Emma Shipley Animalia & Wilderie fabrics
Emma Shipley Wilderie Lost World Pink Velvet
Emma Shipley Wilderie Caspian Coral Velvet
Emma Shipley Wilderie Caspian Navy Velvet

Wilderie – A land of curious creatures inspired by myths, legends and the unique beauty of the natural world.

Emma J Shipley is a British artist and designer who studied at the Royal College of Art, and has always had a love of nature and a fascination with mixing imagination and reality. She combines her love of nature with the joys of travel, to create her designs; which mix a sense of maximalism with grafitti and tattoo styling and anatomically detailed hand drawn artwork.

Emma’s designs always contain abstract detail, linking so many themes together and this new collection continues with its mix of uncharted lands of curious creatures inspired by myths and legends and wild animals like Gorilla, Elephant, Zebra, Lion and Giraffe. You really need to look closely at these wallpapers and fabrics, to see everything that is there and then when you take a step or two back, the patterns almost magically become more classic-like damask and trailing wallpaper designs. Add to this a dazzling palette of colours and the addition of metallic inks and this amazing new collection is every bit as wonderful and wild as the first.

made to measure curtains for a patio door

How much does it cost to have curtains made to measure?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked…….

“How much does it cost to have curtains made to measure?” 

Made to measure curtains can cost as little as £300, or as much as £1000+ 

Why such a big difference in price? 

Basically, it boils down to there being many factors that go into the price of made to measure curtains. 

What things that influence the cost of made to measure curtains? 

Things like fabric choice, lining choice, drop, width, style and finish need to be considered before a final price can be given.

Fabric prices can range anywhere between £13 per metre to £100s per metre, linings and interlinings vary in price as well. 

A simple pair of lined pencil pleat gather headed curtains would take a lot less materials and time to make than the same pair of pencil pleat gather headed curtains that have hand stitched interlining and thermal lining in them. 

However, by adding a layer of interlining you have transformed the visible drape, weight and feel of the curtains. 

You have now added a luxury finish. 

So basically….

On a sliding scale the cost of made to measure curtains starts with unlined, machined pencil pleat gather curtains at the lowest end, then continues to rise in cost as you add those extra touches.

Things like interlining or black out lining.

Eyelets or hand finished pleats demand more time, fabrics and hardware.

Even the act of adding to the length of the track will add to the cost of the curtains. 

In summary….

So whilst it is impossible to say how much your made to measure curtains will cost, you can reasonably expect to pay more than double the price than for “off the shelf “ ready made curtains, BUT they will be tailor made perfectly to your window’s measurements and finish will be ten times better than you can imagine. 

Please visit our Surbiton showroom to see our display of curtains, blinds and fabrics. or call 020 8399 3293 for more information.

We offer a full service from our FREE at home measuring and consultation service, through to curtain and blind fitting.