What curtains or blinds for bifold doors?

Allusion blinds

It’s great to hear that you’re exploring various options for window dressings, especially with the increasing popularity of extensions like kitchen/diners or loft conversions featuring bifold doors. Allusion blinds seem to be an interesting choice, providing a combination of the sleek look of vertical blinds and the softness of voile curtains.

Allusion blinds consist of horizontal vanes that move within a sheer fabric, allowing you to control light and privacy while maintaining a stylish and modern appearance. The combination of functionality and aesthetics makes them a versatile option for bifold doors.

Before making a final decision, consider factors such as:

  1. Light Control: Allusion blinds can offer versatile light control, allowing you to adjust the vanes to let in as much or as little light as desired.

  2. Privacy: The sheer fabric provides a level of privacy while still allowing some visibility to the outside. Consider your preferences for privacy in different areas of your home.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Allusion blinds provide a contemporary and elegant look. Ensure that the chosen color and style complement your overall interior design.

  4. Maintenance: Check the cleaning and maintenance requirements for the blinds. Some options may be easier to clean than others.

  5. Installation: Depending on your DIY skills, you may want to consider the ease of installation. Professional installation may also be an option.

  6. Cost: Compare the cost of Allusion blinds with other window dressing options to ensure they fit within your budget.

It’s always a good idea to visit showrooms or consult with professionals to see and touch the materials, view color options, and get a better understanding of how each type of window dressing works. This can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

Allusion blinds use wand controls for convenience and child safety
Allusion blinds really come into their own in larger windows and bi-folding doors where their unique flowing fabric vanes allow you to enjoy both light and privacy.
You can even walk through the blind to your outside space whilst still retaining the ambience in your room.

With the fabric vanes open during the day you can still enjoy your view, when closed at night you can have total privacy, warmth and security.


You can even walk through the blind to your outside space whilst still retaining the ambience in your room.


Allusion blinds create a number of different privacy options for you to discover.




Slide the soft fabric vanes to one side to enjoy a clear outside view.




Open up the soft fabric vanes to the open position and enjoy subtle light diffusion with a view.




Rotate the louvres to close the blind fully for total privacy.



All our blinds are of course child safe and the Allusion blind is another example of this. It comes with wand control giving you complete piece of mind in a modern, efficient and practical way.

Different header options available
Allusion blind closed for complete privacy
Please call us on 020 8399 3293 or visit our showroom situated inside The Bed Post in Surbiton to view examples and fabric samples for the Allusion blinds.
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