How to save on your heating bill with curtains and blinds

As energy bills rise everyone is looking for new ways to keep their energy bills down this winter. As at least 10% of the heat in our homes is lost through windows it’s a good idea to look at ways to reduce heat loss and your bills.

Curtains provide approximately 2.5% in energy saving when closed at night and the heating is on.


This figure improves by roughly 10% if you draw your blinds and curtains at dusk. Which means both can help with heat insulation. Here are some other steps to improve this figure further still. Interlined Curtains & Blinds – Interlining allows air to be trapped between the layers of fabric which minimises heat loss. Especially useful for single-glazed windows.


Use Thermal Lining – this prevents the air from entering or leaving the room and therefore reduces heat loss. Blackout Lining – this also has thermal qualities. It’s not only beneficial in the colder months but is also a great option for the summer as it protects your room from the sun’s rays.


Positioning – If your radiator is below the window, ensure your curtains are tucked behind. For roller blinds, stop heat escaping from gaps by resting the bottom of the blind on the windowsill. And don’t forget your doors – Adding a curtain to exterior doors is another great way to prevent cold from entering your home.


If you’d like advice on what would work best for your home, we are on hand to make sure your curtains or blinds fit perfectly to ensure heat doesn’t escape.

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